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Calling all language lovers! We mean you, the dictionary raiders, word nerds… linguists, if you will. Are you writing fantastic content for your law firms but failing to grab the attention of your audience? Don’t panic! We’re sure that your grasp of the English Language has nothing to do with it, it could simply be time to get a bit more visual.

Did you know? 93% of all human communication is visual. (Source)

Nor did we! But with stats like this it’s no surprise that our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than we do with text. So, if you think about it, a picture is, in fact, worth 60,000 words. (Source)

Visual content is the way forward… but you already knew that. Everyone is jumping on the visual bandwagon and now the competition is to make sure that yours stands out. If you’re thinking that GIFs, videos and infographics are reserved for trendy drinks companies & TV shows, we’d like to prove you wrong. We’ve seen, first hand, how law firms can benefit from adding more visual content to their marketing strategy to support their branding and drive engagement.

We’ve put together our three favourite ways to make your visual content stand out from the crowd, and to make sure we’re practicing what we preach we’ve delivered them in infographic form :

There are lots of ways that you can add more visual content to your collection. To find out more email