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Building the Future

ELE Global is a responsible strategic communications agency, with market-leading expertise in working with professional services organisations.  Our work spans Growth & Change, Strategy & Planning, Client Relationships, Content & Communication. Put simply – we cover everything from top-level strategic and organisational planning through to the day-to-day delivery of plans.

What sets us apart is our commitment to doing this responsibly. We want to change the way marketing, business development, client care and PR are delivered.  We want to be a force for good, helping organisations to do great things in a sustainable, decent way. We’re proud to put social and environmental responsibility at the heart of the advice we give.  We work with firms so that they can benefit from responsible strategic plans – growing and developing as well as supporting their clients in the same way.

At ELE Global we believe that delivering the best strategic or tactical marketing expertise should be a given.  But responsibility – in terms of the recommendations we make, the work we do and the way we run our own business – is what sets ELE Global apart from other agencies.

We want our clients to have 'that light bulb moment' with us

Most clients come to us because they’ve had an idea of something they want to achieve but don’t know where to start…or they’ve used another agency, who has baffled them.  They need our help to translate things into a strategic or tactical plan they can follow.

We help them to think and act differently, transforming their way of working and the results they get.  This can mean helping them to consider restructuring or integrating a responsible working practice across the firm. This could mean pursuing new business development opportunities or setting up key account management. Whether internal or external communications, we’ll help to develop a practical, measurable plan with responsibility at its core.


Our Client Charter

We’re one of the few agencies to publish our promises to our clients…

At ELE Global we are known for our commitment to delivering the very highest standards of client care.  We work really hard to make sure each client feels that they are our most important client.  We understand that you need an efficient, professional service at all times.  That’s why we have this client promise document – so that you know the minimum standards you should be able to expect from us.  

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a global law firm or a high street firm we want to make sure you’re all treated fairly, responsibly and consistently.

You can read our Client Charter in full here.

We work hard to do things differently

Most agencies offer good-all-rounders.  We tailor the team to make sure clients get real experts.  Our innovative, virtual structure allows us to draw together specialists in a flexible way, so we can tailor the services and introductions we provide to each and every client.  We find the very best people and work with them in the most creative and responsible ways to get the results everyone wants and needs.

We put common-sense and plain English in the front of mind, in everything we do.   We make it our number one objective to be clear, transparent, honest and practical – and to prove that responsibility doesn’t mean sacrificing getting the best results.

Find out more about our ethos and what responsibility means to us here.

ELE Global

ELE Global was formed in 2019 by Helen Foord. In setting up ELE Global Helen wanted to create a new form of professional marketing agency, committed to changing the world of business
from the inside out. As a result we are committed to not only running our own agency responsibly but to helping our clients do the same. What really excites us is when we’re able to integrate responsibility and great communications to support firms in helping their own clients to achieve the same successes.