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Our business structure (with one official director and a network of sub-contractors rather than employees) means that we aren’t able to benefit from the wisdom a traditional Board of Directors brings.  It can make it hard to get the perspective required to make decisions on growth and priorities. 

The advisory board will formalise the many informal advisor relationships we have. It will help us to weather current opportunities and challenges and, most importantly, to drive our responsible ethos forward. 

It will aim to meet once a year and be made up of professionals spanning the commercial disciplines – both inside and outside of the ELE Global network.  Outside of that time, though, we’ll keep in touch so there is a support network, all there to help ELE Global make a real difference. 

We’re looking for honest opinions and a drive for success.

Advisors will be privy to highly confidential information about business plans, intellectual property and trade secrets.  Each advisor will therefore complete nondisclosure and conflict of interest agreements. 

All relevant information such as business plans, financial statements and other reports will go to advisors well in advance of board meetings. All details will be planned out ahead of time, including the agenda, meeting location and time, the meal and any audiovisual needs.

The board will be made up of a wide range of professionals that we trust, but we’re particularly interested in talking to people with expertise in the following areas:

  1. Business management
  2. HR 
  3. B Corp/Responsibility 
  4. Managing a law firm

We will also always have at least one member of our subcontractor network on the board as well as our Founder CEO Helen Foord.

The board will be built over 2021 and have its first meeting in October 2021.