Because we're a virtual company we don't publish phone numbers but you can email us here:

Your name and job title: Hermione Taylor, Founding Director

Company name: Do Nation

What does your business do?

We help people to form healthy, environmentally friendly habits, both at home and at work. Through our online platform anyone can either make a pledge or run a campaign to raise pledges from colleagues, friends, or family. Pledges are all to do simple “Do Actions” like cycling to work, wasting less food, or embracing video conferencing.

Can you tell us about a recent marketing or PR campaign you’ve embarked on (or you’re in the middle of)? What was the aim? What did you do, what tactics and channels did you use?

Our current marketing focus is around another B Corp Challenge we’ll be hosting in September, pitting various B Corps against each other to see whose employees can make the most pledges and save the most carbon. We’ll be tying this in with the anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals, helping to engage staff in driving action on the SDGs.

The aim is three-fold:

  1. To build a sense of community between B Corps and their employees, unlocking power of us all acting together, rather than feeling like we’re chipping away on our own. We can offer greater value for clients that way.
  2. To create a sense of urgency for organisations to sign up and use Do Nation. There’s no shortage of interest from businesses wanting to use our platform, but our big challenge is that it’s never urgent, and so it can often be years before a client actually signs up. That’s not good for us or for the planet.
  3. To generate some fantastic case studies of how purpose driven businesses are using Do Nation to really walking the talk. This will allow us to build a great foundation to grow from.

Tactics and channels:

Do Nation is driven by a ‘team’ of 1.2 people working on a very tight budget, so our marketing is almost all fully based on word of mouth. Our most important marketing channel is our clients and users – encouraging them to be our advocates and spread the word about the actions they’re taking through Do Nation and the impact that their organisation is creating. Given our size, partnerships are also key – although I’ve learned that we have to be very careful to build partnerships that offer very clear value to both sides, otherwise it risks being a waste of valuable time.

What were the results (if there are any as yet)?

It’s too early to see results from the upcoming B Corp challenge. However, we ran a trial of the inter-B Corp challenge in April around Good Deeds Day which was a great success – and thanks to that we have now raised 780 pledges from employees of B Corps, almost 80 tonnes CO2 in the process. That’s helped to raise awareness of Do Nation amongst the community. 

What social media channels do you use?

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and FB. Perhaps, given our limited resources, we should focus on just one or two…!

How frequently do you post?

Erratically! Generally I aim for: Twitter – 4 – 5 posts / week; LinkedIn: 1 – 2 posts / month; FB: 1 post / week; Instagram: whenever I see something relevant!

What do you find the biggest social media challenge?

Being systematic. We have so much great content on our platform that it should be easy to generate interesting and valuable social media posts on a regular basis. But finding the time to keep to plans and schedules is challenging – other priorities always come ahead.

Can you give us your top social media tip?

Don’t just broadcast – have conversations. Someone once told me a twitter feed should be a healthy mix of your own posts, replies, and retweets, and I think that’s great advice.