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When creating your content marketing plan, staring at the blank spreadsheet in front of you can sometimes be a little daunting. Where are you going to find all of that content? We’ve often found that two (or ten!) heads are much better than one and the answer is to get your whole law firm involved.

So where do you start? We’ve put together some top tips for collating content from everyone in the team.

Collating content from your firm

It’s important in the legal world to show that your law firm is up-to-date with the latest news and events. One of the easiest and most popular ways to do this now is with a company blog. It’s all very well having a marketing team producing topical content for the page (we’ll talk more about this in the next point), but the way to make yours really stand out is having personal opinion pieces from your solicitors. Inviting everyone in your firm to curate content for your blog kills a lot of birds with one stone. Not only does it produce more content for you to share, it also keeps you topical, offers more conversation starters and, one of our favourites, puts friendly, interesting faces to the names on your lawyer list. 

Consider promoting the opportunity on internal communication tools and company newsletters. You could send out a survey to find out what topics your staff would be interested in writing about so you can assign blog topics accordingly.

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Filling in the gaps

Getting your solicitors to write blogs for your website is the end goal but we know it can sometimes be difficult to ensure this happens regularly. After all, they’re usually rather busy with their day job! To fill in the gaps, it’s a good idea to get your marketing team to keep a constant flow of regular articles going out on the blog. There are lots of topics that can be covered within this; legal regulation changes and updates, big news cases or company updates. 

Sharing the news

Fantastic, you’ve got a blog filled with the latest news and some pieces from your solicitors. The next step is to get everyone talking about them. Many of your staff will already be on social media so now’s the time to recruit them into sharing your news and giving your online presence a boost. Again, encourage interaction through internal communications and make it easy for everyone to find the links. Share them on Twitter with tags for the author(s) or mention them alongside the article on your LinkedIn company page to kick-start the process. Encourage the author of the blog to publish it as an article on their own LinkedIn profile to further increase its reach. 


Socialising at events

Events are a great opportunity to collate content for your law firm marketing and with the help of social media, it’s easier than ever to get it all in one place. If you’re hosting your own event, introduce a hashtag for others to use to record their experience. You can use this hashtag across all platforms to collect quotes, photos, videos and commentaries of the day that you can turn into summaries, blogs and newsletters later. Encourage your team at the event to post real-time updates throughout the day using Instagram Stories or Facebook Live. Get everyone attending involved – if three members of staff have access to the social media accounts, that’s three times as much content covered during the event!

These ideas are just a glimpse of the way your content marketing can be improved with a little help from your team. If you’d like more information about this contact us at