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The old theory that you need to know where you’re going, before you can work out what you want to do, sits at the heart of strategy and planning.

You want a clear guide that tells you how you’re performing compared to competitors and best practice. And you want to know the things that are going to stop you from achieving your strategic goals. You want to understand the areas of risk, disconnect with your strategic plan and opportunity, as well as performance… all set against pre-agreed priorities, objectives and requirements. Yes? And you want it
summed up in an easy to read highlight report, with actions? Then you’ve come to the right agency. And you’re looking for one of our audits.

Our clients tell us that our audits provide some of the most valuable insight they’ve gained, whether looking at marketing, business development, client care, digital marketing or purpose & responsibility.


We offer four audits for professional services organisations...

  1. General Marketing & Business Development Audit
  2. Purpose & Responsibility Audit
  3. Digital Marketing Audit
  4. Client Care Audit

We offer training on how to conduct a Marketing & Business Development Audit


Designed for: In-house marketing teams – senior management

Duration: 4 x 1hr

In this series of four 1hr workshops (or one half day), Helen Foord will navigate the step-by-step process of implementing a successful marketing and business development audit. She will discuss the ways in which marketing and business development can work alongside partners and fee-earners, HR, finance and client care teams, as well as external PR and digital marketing agencies, to establish a ‘joined-up’ approach to strategic planning, measuring and reporting.


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Audits aren’t just for big firms

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What will 2021 bring for professional services marketing?

What will 2021 bring for professional services marketing?

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Why we’re working to become a B Corp

Why we’re working to become a B Corp

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