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We’re passionate about content and good communication.

In short, we love words and the ways in which they combine with other areas of marketing to make a real difference to your bottom line.

At ELE Global we have market-leading expertise in the development of communication ideas as well as written content.

Whether that means helping you to set out a tone of voice across multiple target audiences, writing 700 pages of website copy, tender and bid writing, thought-leadership PR, award and directory submission entries, or planning out communication activities across a wide range of media, we’re – quite simply – really, really good at content and communication.  


Directory submissions – why bother?

We were recently asked, by some barristers, why they should bother with the directories this year... Frankly, we're asked this every year. There’s no denying that filling in the Chambers & Partners (and now subtly different Legal 500 submissions form) is an annual...

Recommended reading: planning your content

We all know the theory about the rewards a law firm gains through having content on a blog that people want to read. It demonstrates your expertise, makes you look like real people, Google rankings improve and new clients are attracted. Easy. Well, no, not really. In...

Planning and reporting – a checklist

Over the course of this series of articles we’ve thrown a lot of words at you. So now we wanted to provide something a little easier to digest. In this final article we’ve included a checklist for creating a PR plan and reporting on it. You can print this off and...