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We believe that common sense, responsible strategic communication adds value and underpins growth.

We work hard to deliver commercially-relevant, ambitious, measurable communications plans, grounded in many years’ of experience working in the professional services. Our work spans marketing, business development, client care and organisation-wide communications.

But at ELE Global we are particularly respected for our work with professional services organisations such as law firms, chambers, accountants and consultancy practices.

ELE Global’s founder, Helen Foord, is one of the best-known experts in professional services marketing and business development. Drawing on almost 20 years experience of working for organisations across this sector Helen has built an international team of professional services experts with skills in both strategic and tactical areas.

Unlike many other agencies ELE Global’s innovative, flexible and international structure means that our professionals are true experts in their field, rather than being ‘good all-rounders’ that have been trained up. Many members of the team have in-house experience, having held senior roles in global firms or suppliers to the industry.

In short, at ELE Global you not only get the best expertise but you get insight born of genuine experience of having sat on your side of the table.

Our work spans Responsibility & Purpose, Growth & Change, Strategy & Planning, Client Relationship Management and Content & Communication

Some of our recent projects for professional services organisations have included:


  • Complete marketing and business development audit commissioned by barristers chambers – leading to board discussions/action on clerking and administrative restructuring, new incentive schemes and recruitment.
  • Digital marketing audit commissioned by major City law firm, leading to brand review and strategic planning exercise.
  • New business review and planning for barristers chambers, including opportunity spotting/research and proposals.
  • Client care and Key Account Management programme for barristers chambers, including research, surveys, procedures and reporting.
  • Strategic planning exercise for major law firm, post merger – addressing branding, development and growth opportunities.
  • Content review for major law firm – including review of all documentation, creation of new ‘tone of voice’ and development of complete suite of written marketing materials, including website content.
  • Development of thought-leadership plan for a number of law firms and chambers, focusing on development of profile in core areas. Including development of content (white papers and shorter content), press outreach, event organisation, awards and media training.
  • Introduction of management reporting and CRM restructure for law firm, to better support board-level discussions on new business development.
  • Introduction of outbound marketing and telephone appointment setting programme for niche law firm, with reporting against all areas of marketing and activity.

Services for smaller professional services firms.

The Value of B2B Thought Leadership Survey – our thoughts

The Value of B2B Thought Leadership Survey – our thoughts

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Measuring performance with a Digital Marketing Audit

Measuring performance with a Digital Marketing Audit

You’d be amazed the number of times we’ve heard people ask “is it really worth it…” in relation to social media.  That’s why our Digital Marketing Audit has become one of the most popular audits that we do. It helps firms to work out what isn’t working so well, how...

What does a Purpose Audit seek to accomplish?

What does a Purpose Audit seek to accomplish?

We’ve talked a lot about the Marketing & Business Development audits we do for firms and chambers, as well as how to deliver one yourself. In fact, there’s an article that we’ve written in the March 2021 edition of PM Forum magazine that takes you through it...