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We believe purpose and responsibility underpin growth 

The Purpose Pathway is our strategic approach to moving professional services organisations away from just CSR and through responsibility towards being truly purposeful.

ELE Global is the first specialist responsible strategic professional services communications agency. We work with professional services organisations, helping them to make a commercial and professional difference, in a socially, environmentally, financially and communicationally responsible way.

One the best ways we can do this is through helping organisations to understand the different steps of The Purpose Pathway. This is a strategic model, unique to ELE Global that starts with CSR, moves through responsibility and ends with purpose. We believe taking a purposeful approach not only underpins the very best growth and success but will help to create a systemic change through the advice given to clients. This work spans all areas of strategic communications including business development, client relationships, pricing, internal communications, recruitment/retention and more.

What will 2021 bring for professional services marketing?

There is a theme going around at the moment, where people wave goodbye to 2020 as if that will miraculously stop the disruption, hurt and challenge of the past year. In many ways people seem to be hoping for a true Christmas miracle, more than ever before. The...