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Building a marketing team for the future

Designed for: Partners and non-HR senior management in the legal sector

Duration: 1hr

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on marketing teams across law firms and chambers in the UK, with a high level of uncertainty, redundancy and budget restriction.

Understanding how to deliver a robust marketing programme, at the same time as working within these restrictions, can be a challenge for even the most experienced Marketing Manager or law firm Partner. But this period of change can be used as an opportunity for review and performance analysis across the team. 

How does the marketing team work? Do you have a habit of recruiting the same sort of people without considering the options? Do you need to recruit the same again or is a change needed? How should you run your recruitment programme? And how can you get the best from your new recruits (and provide the best), once they’ve arrived?

In this one hour workshop, experienced law firm Marketing Director, Helen Foord will take you through her tried and tested process for taking a step back and building your marketing team for whatever the new future will involve. The workshop will include:

  • Analysing performance and reviewing the existing team’s effectiveness
  • Understanding what your organisation needs
  • What is interim support and is it right for you?
  • Setting objectives from your recruitment process
  • Creating a job description
  • Creating a recruitment programme (including adverts, interview plans, practical assessments and scoring)
  • Getting the most from the on-boarding process (particularly if it’s virtual)
  • Monitoring and feedback during the probationary period


This training is delivered by Zoom. All participants will receive a pack of information including slides and template documents.

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