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Designed for: In-house marketing teams

Duration: 2hrs

Copywriting is often viewed as a dark art. Something that in-house teams really can’t – and possibly shouldn’t – do. How many law firms and chambers read their website and cringe at the over legalistic and personality-lacking words? And how many have spent a fortune on the website without investing a penny in the writing?

Spending money on a new website, and not spending any on the copywriting, is like buying  a Ferrari and putting a Smart Car engine in it. Ultimately it will promise a lot and deliver little.

In this two hour workshop experienced copywriter, Helen Foord, will take you through the basics of copywriting – including agreeing your tone of voice, linking words to values and strategic objectives, copywriting best practise and adapting copy for on- and off-line formats. Helen will also touch on how brief external copywriters to get the most out of your budget.

This is an introductory session designed to teach the basics of copywriting.

This training is delivered by Zoom. All participants will receive a pack of information including slides and template documents.

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