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And so we come to the last of our tips for summer marketing jobs.  We’d be missing a trick if we didn’t consider the social and digital media tasks (and even social selling) that the summer holidays are just perfect for.

1.      Would you connect with you – Whether you’re very active on social media, or just dabbling the summer is a great time to take a step back and look at your profiles. Would you connect with you?  Have you filled in all the sections you need to? How does your profile compare to those of the ‘competition’?  Have you added in details of press coverage or good news? How interactive is your social media content?

2.      Go online – It’s worth taking a look at your website at least every six months and asking yourself whether the content is still useful.  We all succumb to the temptation to produce content when we don’t really have a business case for doing it.  Start the holidays by taking a long look at everything and asking yourself whether it really serves the purpose you need it to.  Perhaps there are topics missing that you really need to include. It might be that the information on the main subject area pages are out of date… or even missing.  Make a list and work your way through it.  Continuing this one, have a look at how each of your competitor colleges is using their website and social media.  And what about how the students use social media?  And other brands your target audiences engage with? Spend some time digging about and getting together ideas for development in the new academic year.

3.      Getting creative with digital content – Continuing this theme, one of the best ways to demonstrate how great you really are is to increase the amount of picture and video content you share online.  Have a good look at all the written content you have and we wouldn’t be surprised if you could identify seven or eight bits that would work better as an infographic or animated video.  There are loads of free tools available online to help you do these. Get in touch and we’ll share our favourites.

4.      An introduction to social selling – One for the key members of staff here but social selling is taking the world by storm… and that includes FE – in particular in terms of community and industry engagement.  It might sound scary but to be honest social selling is what you’ve been doing for years at conferences and networking sessions… it’s just online… and the coffee is probably better.  But there’s no point being there if you aren’t going to say anything.  Start by working out what your ideal contact looks like. Consider who they work for, job title, location, experience etc. Having worked this out, start building a list of people you’d like to connect to. It’s no different than getting the delegate list at a conference and highlighting those you want to speak to.

5.      Make the first move – Start by working out content for three messages: a cold connection request, introducing yourself; a follow up message for those that have ignored message #1; a thank you and ‘next steps’ message for those that have accepted it.  In all cases you’re trying to establish a clear reason why you should connect as well as provide enough information to tempt them and move the connection on. Now pick ten people from your list and send it out. See what happens. Now repeat, and repeat, and repeat… it’s probably also worth having a version of these to say “thank you” to those that have invited you to connect too. Just because they’ve contacted you doesn’t mean you can’t (in some cases) try to convert it to the next stage conversation.

This blog is designed to help marketing professionals as well as heads of departments and management. Please feel free to use the content and share it, if you think it might be helpful.

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