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You’d be amazed the number of times we’ve heard people ask “is it really worth it…” in relation to social media. 

That’s why our Digital Marketing Audit has become one of the most popular audits that we do. It helps firms to work out what isn’t working so well, how they communicate via their email marketing, social media and website, helping firms to see what their clients see, and how they can better engage with them digitally. We take a good look at every area of their digital communications to draw together a practical list of recommendations.

Here are fifteen areas you might want to consider when conducting a Digital Marketing Audit:

  1. Start by looking at what you’re trying to achieve. Set some goals. How will you know if you’re performing well?
  2. Look at Governance. Do you have plans, strategies, objectives, measures and reporting in place?
  3. How about messaging? How well do you communicate and does it clearly share your mission/vision/values as well as the right tone of voice.
  4. What about target audiences? Is it clear who you are talking to on digital marketing and do different audiences have different approaches?
  5. Review your website performance. This means SEO, analytics and anything else relevant to your goals.
  6. Review your social media. This means growth, engagement, comparison to competitors and so on.
  7. Review your email marketing. This means clicks and opens as well as frequency and subjects.
  8. Review any other things you’re doing. How are you performing?
  9. Talk to internal stakeholders. As about their views on performance, governance and the value to clients. You might also ask them to comment on messaging and areas for development.
  10. Talk to clients. As about their views on performance, content preferences and the value they put on things. You might also ask them to comment on messaging and areas for development.
  11. Look at competitors. Are any of them doing things particularly well? Are there things we can learn about whether we’re ahead or behind the curve?
  12. Look at campaigns you’ve run. How joined up are they? How do they work across the forms of digital marketing?
  13. Let’s compare all this to overall marketing and campaigns. What role does digital marketing have in this?
  14. Are there areas for development and improvement in terms of resourcing, internal communications and training?
  15. Have you written all of this up into a practical set of actions? We favour a R(ed) A(mber) G(reen) report, highlighting the things you’re doing well (green), the things that need to be improved (amber) and the things that are problematic and likely to stop you achieving your objectives (red).


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