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Responsible is a big word…what does being ‘responsible strategic communication people’ mean to us?

First and foremost we’re a strategic communications agency that specialises in working with the professional services. What sets us apart is that we’re the first to do this from a ‘responsibility’ standpoint. We want to be a force for good, helping organisations to do great things in a sustainable, decent way. We’re proud to put social and environmental responsibility at the heart of the advice we give.  We work with firms so that they can benefit from responsible strategic plans – growing and developing as well as supporting their clients in the same way.

When you say you’re responsible in business most people take that to mean you’re environmentally responsible… and we are.

But for us it goes further.

At ELE Global we’re advocates of the Triple Bottom Line, recording and reporting on performance across economic, environmental and social measures. And we believe the best communications and strategy takes a similar approach – considering the different areas of society that interact and the impact our actions (or recommendations) have on them, as well as the economic results we can generate.

We want to deliver understandable strategic communications solutions that benefit our clients in a sustainable, economic way – without sacrificing human values.

We want to help our clients grow and earn profit whilst also supporting the non-economic aspirations of those in and around their corporate community.

In short, we’re really responsible strategic communications people.

It’s important to us that we can articulate what social, environmental, financial and communicational responsibility means to us, what we want to achieve and the ways we’ll measure it.

This is the responsible ethos that we promote with each and every client project. And, most importantly, we practice what we preach – underpinning every element of our own business strategy with the same high standard of wide-reaching responsibility.

Here are some of the things we’re working on at the moment, to demonstrate our commitment to acting responsibly:

  • We’ve gone through the B Corp Impact Assessment process and been certified as a B Corp… and we’re talking to B Lab about ways that we can support them in spreading the message and developing responsible businesses in Scotland. Read more here…
  • We’ve set out a public ‘giving back’ manifesto – and publish it on the website – showing all the ways we’re working to change the business world and leading by example. Read more here...
  • We’ve set up Elephants in Action as an independent initiative to allow us to support charities and causes that improve the environment and society.
  • We pledge to donate a minimum of 5% of our time to pro-bono activities, through Elephants in Action.
  • We’re reviewing our associate information to provide better guidance to all those that work with ELE Global, on four core areas of responsibility (social, environmental, financial, communicational), and how they can contribute.
  • We’re reviewing our entire carbon footprint to full understand and report on it so we can achieve our target of being Net Zero by the end of 2021. As part of this we’ve confirmed that all web hosting is 100% green energy and are proud to promote it. We’ve moved all of our power supply to renewable sources.
  • We’re in the process of reviewing all of our internal policies to ensure they best reflect our core ethos… and we’re going to publish them on the website when they’re done.
  • We’re reviewing our banking to assess whether ethical banking is possible for ELE Global.
  • We’re setting up an advisory board of like-minded people to help us develop the business in the right way. Read more here…
  • We’re reviewing the B Corp community to identify more suppliers that we can use, from there.
  • We’re working on a responsibility communications campaign to all contacts – sharing our mission, vision and actions.
  • We’re working on our first annual report on triple bottom line performance at ELE Global.
  • And we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined 1% for the Planet for 2021/22 Fiscal Year, starting on 1st April 2021.