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We believe you can be so much more than legal experts

We work with professional services organisations on their marketing and business development, helping them to make a commercial and professional difference, in a socially, environmentally, financially and communicationally responsible way.

What does this mean in practical terms?

We’re the first communications agency to specialise in the professional services, responsibility and purpose. In plain English that means that we work with law firms, chambers, accountants and other professional services to help them to grow and implement strategic development and marketing plans that are responsible. And we help them pass this on to their clients through the ways they communicate, manage relationships and deliver their own expertise. We call this The Purpose Pathway and you can read more about this here.

We’re very excited to be the first responsibility-focused strategic communications agency for the legal sector to become a certified B Corporation.

We’re joining a growing group of companies reinventing business – by pursuing purpose as well as profit. That means we’ve met the rigorous social and environmental standards which represent our commitment to goals outside of shareholder profit.

We’re striving to create systemic change across the business world, not only helping law firms to become more responsible, but also working closely with them, to better communicate with and support their clients, steering them towards this transformation too.

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A word about our mission statement

A word about our mission statement

One of the tasks we set ourselves was to revise our mission statement to be more focused - perhaps even setting out a commitment to a specific social and/or environmental area. The problem we found, however, is that we’re committed to changing the world of business...

ELE Global is committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal data. As part of this commitment, we have updated our privacy policies and operating practices, to meet the high standards of the new European data protection law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your professional trust is important to us.  Keeping your personal information safe and secure remains our top priority. You can view all of these documents here.

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