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London-based Tanfield Chambers is recognised as one of the leading property sets in Chambers and Partners and Legal 500. Matching this expertise is its great image – they’re young, fast-paced and entrepreneurial in their approach. So how did we help?

After merging with another established Temple chambers, Tanfield became one of the largest sets in London. But it had inherited a clerking team from the other set and felt that it was time to find the right marketing person to support the clerks’ room and barristers. It needed a fresh start, to drive the set forward.


The problem was they weren’t 100% in agreement as to what was needed; both in terms of recruitment of marketing staff, and also tactical delivery. We started off with our marketing and business development audit. It’s a highly effective way of teasing out all the things holding a set back, as well as generating a practical, detailed action plan – think of it like an MOT.

We went through every element of their marketing and business development, as well as the infrastructure supporting it, with a fine-tooth comb. We wanted to see if we could find anything – no matter how small – that could hold them back from achieving their goals. We did a whole range of things for this: internal surveys, clerking surveys, seeing how data is managed, analysis of processes and procedures, review of policies, staffing and suppliers, competitive brand analysis, talking to clients… And on top of that we spoke to a lot of barristers. We didn’t leave a stone unturned.

But Tanfield needed some way of turning this exhaustive research into results. That’s why we presented a red/amber/green report, highlighting the things that were good, not bad and likely to hold them back. This system formed the basis of their strategic review, and gave them a blueprint of improvement across every area of marketing and business development. Not only could they see what they’re already doing really well, they could focus in on areas that needed the most attention.

Tanfield had taken the first vital step already – they knew what they needed to do. The problem was they didn’t know how to get there, and so we came in to bridge that gap, as well. Using the audit results we gave them a plain English, practical action plan that they could follow and implement gradually throughout the set. They saw that if they did X then Y would happen.

Following the audit, Tanfield agreed to work on implementing some of our recommended changes. We helped them with this too, recruiting a marketing team and putting in place strategic plans. Whilst the audit was a fixed-fee, contained project of around 3 months, we stayed on, working with them on an ongoing basis, leading areas like database management and directory submissions, as well as day-to-day PR and marketing. In fact, we only left once we’d got the foundations in place and recruited the perfect marketing manager to carry on the good job!

We wanted to see if we could find anything – no matter how small – that could hold them back from achieving their goals.