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Colman Coyle is a small but ambitious law firm based in central London. The firm has recently gained a number of significant new clients – many of them won over its larger competitors. Pursuant to this drive for growth, Colman Coyle decided to bid for appointment to the solicitors panel for a major UK bank, which would offer the firm significant revenue potential and further enhance its reputation. We helped them to secure success in this process by providing strategic advice and bid-writing services.


The bank’s ‘Invitation to Tender’ required tendering firms to submit fairly detailed method statements. This included firms describing various aspects of their business operations as well as their proposals for delivering value for money, cost certainty and transparency. Colman Coyle had no previous experience of participating in tenders of this scale, so it needed to develop its bid ‘from scratch’.

Whilst our primary objective was to ensure Colman Coyle delivered a high quality bid for the bank tender, given that many of the questions in the Invitation to Tender document were standard tender questions, we also wanted to create robust responses that the firm could tailor and re-use for future tender opportunities.

Our work covered both bid management support/coaching as well as bid development, including:

  • Developing a value proposition that targeted the bank’s key objectives;
  • Bid planning and progress monitoring to ensure the firm met the tight timescales for delivering their bid;
  • Developing parts of the bid and providing contributors to the bid document with detailed guidance for developing their responses to each question;
  • Editing the bid and, where we judged it was needed, probing for further information;
  • Providing the firm with a Lessons Learnt report highlighting the key areas for improvement and a number of bid management tools and templates.

The firm won the tender and has started to receive instructions.  Enough said!

I have been very impressed with all the people in the  team to date. They all have good specialist legal sector knowledge and had a good grasp of both our marketplace and understanding of what we were looking to achieve. I would recommend each and every one of them.

On this particular project them to be exceptionally professional – our consultant very quickly understood our firm and, with this in mind, helped to deliver a winning bid (from scratch) on an extremely tight deadline. In particular, his experience of interpreting detailed tender documents was instrumental in determining what was required to deliver a tailored response. I have no doubt that they all played a large part in our success.