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Bates Wells Braithwaite really is a big player when it comes to the third sector, working with more charities and social enterprises than any other UK firm. To top this, it was also the first UK law firm to achieve B Corporation certification. Over recent years the globally successful firm has developed to build on its third sector work with the inclusion of cutting-edge corporate and commercial services. With the changing of the firm BWB was concerned their message lacking clarity and impact and they wanted to test how effective their activities were, across digital techniques.


We started out by working out what wasn’t working so well. An audit undertaken by our team looked at how they communicated via their email marketing, social media and website. A huge part of this was helping BWB see what its clients saw, and how it could better engage with them digitally. We spoke to clients and fee-earners, as well as other third party stakeholders. Then we took a good look at every area of their communications to draw together a practical list of recommendations.

But it didn’t stop there. Digital marketing, after all, has to sit in a wider marketing context. That means that it has to fit with your whole image and message, online and offline. Doing the digital marketing work with BWB picked up on a disconnect in their general messaging, and we helped them focus in on how they could clarify it. From our auditing work with the firm, they decided to undertake a huge rebranding and we were asked to conduct a brand review process, to build the brief for the creative teams. This meant running a number of focus groups so that we could set out our suggested messaging style and brand identity.

The most important thing, in our view, is giving our clients the tools to help themselves. Whilst many consultants will give their opinions on how things are going, our team always gives them an action plan. We focus on what’s good and what needs to be tackled, and the client always comes away with a task list and way of tracking their progress. After all, everyone likes to know where they’re headed and how.