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The University of West England, also known as UWE, is one of the main suppliers of postgraduate legal training in the country. It’s got a huge range of courses, from Bar Professional training programs to Masters in Advanced Legal Practice and Graduate diplomas in a wide variety of specialisms. UWE’s postgraduate law courses are all about giving people the training they need to get into work fast, and to do it well. But UWE’s training goes beyond just the academic stuff. Our team has worked with them for a number of years now, giving talks and training on social media and marketing.


Everybody knows that we’re all living more and more of our lives online, but lawyers are often the last people to know how to use this to boost their own brand. Social media has become massively important to the legal sector, and having a good handle on how to use it can be a dramatic step forward in a lawyer’s career.

We provide training that ranges from one-off evening sessions to interactive tutorials and longer courses over a number of weeks. It can be a tough pitch because of the wide variety of people that we’re training – staff, current and ex-postgraduate law students, solicitors and law firms HR managers to name a few. We give professionals the tools they need to market themselves in the best way possible. After a run-down of the statistics (did you know that if LinkedIn was its own country it would the 12th largest in the world?) we go into the dos and don’ts, and deliver a plain English action plan on how to optimize your online presence. It helps that we’ve got experts on all the platforms.

We’re also very excited to have been invited by UWE professor John Neugebeauer to contribute to a new SAGE publication, Employability: Making the Most of Your Career Development. The book is a handy guide to help graduates understand the academic and practical aspects of employability, and how to boost theirs to the full. Our very own Helen Hammond talks about the importance of having a good LinkedIn profile and offers some tips on how to use it for job hunting. You can find a copy of the book here.

But enough about us. Most importantly, we’re dedicated to better preparing our lawyers of the future, and equipping them with the skills they need to market themselves in the best way. That’s why we’re committed to providing pro bono training to universities, and doing it well.

We might be biased, but we think that our training is rather good. In fact, Dagmar Steffens, the director of academic law at UWE, said of a recent session that ‘Helen’s presentation was engaging, pacy, interesting and relevant. Her knowledge and interest in the subject shone through, she worked well with her co-presenter, and the evening was a real success due to her commitment and expertise. She is a natural at public speaking, probably because of the combination of being genuine and knowledgeable. I will happily re-engage her very soon.’ Not bad.