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We are delighted to announce that our 2021 Purpose and Impact Report has been published.

We are very excited to be the first responsibility-focused strategic communications agency for the legal sector to become a certified B Corporation. As part of our B Corp journey we pledged to report on our social and environmental responsibility journey each year. Although e technically don’t have to start this until 2022, but we wanted to start as we mean to go on and share where we are now, where we hope to get and what we’re doing about it.

So, what’s in the report?

Our B Corp Impact Assessment and goals – This is the result of our initial B Impact Assessment and the action plan that we subsequently laid out.. We went through each area to assess the things we could commit to doing over the course of the next year. To make sure we commit to these, we split them into one month, six months and 12 month goals.

Our giving back promise – We’ve thought about our charitable donations and pro-bono services. This means the ways in which we work with and support organisations that seek solutions to environmental, business and social challenges. Much of this work is delivered through our charitable group Elephants in Action, using our voices, agency and our communities to make a difference.

Our client relationships – Having a commitment to Purpose isn’t just about internal activities and giving back. We’re also dedicated to supporting systemic change through our business relationships. This means working with our clients to take a more ethical approach to their marketing and business development. We’ve included some information about what this means, in practical terms, in the report.

If you’d like to find out more about our work and commitment to social and environmental responsibility, please contact our founder and CEO Helen Foord directly on

And… in the meantime, you can download the report to have a read, here.